Rule-Based Price Action Course

Rule-Based Trading Will Take You To The Next Level!

With Rule-Based Systems you don't have to think, all the thinking has been done for you before you place the trade, you just react!

In this course, I show you exactly how I use rule-based approaches that help me trade in a simple and systematic way.

It's a condensed and concise course, where I lay out ALL the steps needed to trade successfully, in a structured step-by-step approach that is easily digestible.

If you're losing money, hesitating, fear taking a loss, and are just under constant stress with trading!

Then you are doing it WRONG!

In the course you will learn to finally become a calm, consistent and confident trader who knows what to and when to do it without constantly second-guessing yourself!

The key is using Rule-Based Methods and by joining up you will gain exclusive access to my personal strategies that I trade. From simplified to systematic/mechanical strategies as well as full breakdowns on how and why each works.

And it is not just a way of trading it is also a way of 'thinking' In the course, you will gain mental models and techniques to be able to make quick-fire decisions and 'act' without hesitation.

You will learn to remove the frustration and fear you are constantly in. And become a calm, consistent and confident trader!!

There are 3 essential elements that we work on to get you to this:

  1. Strategy
  2. Psychology
  3. Risk Management

Without one of these then your whole trading crumbles. These are the foundations on which a system will work. 

So you already have 50% covered straight away with my strategies but then we need to work on the rest where I go into great detail on how to gain the right mindset and how to uncover deep beliefs that may be subconsciously holding you back as well as showing you how to apply unique mental models to your thinking processes.

And with risk management, I also go into great detail about how to apply risk protocols before, during, and after placing a trade and learn how to treat trading like a business, think probabilistically and let the numbers work for you.

And that's not all there is so much more covered in this course and more to be added.

''I literally provide you with the actual blueprint that took MY trading to that next level.''

In the course, you also gain access to my success blueprint where I lay out all the stages to get you from beginner to pro with in-depth explanations!

This blueprint and steps I go over is something I wish I had when I first started out and that's exactly why I have made this course so I can help those who are in a similar place to where I was and get them past the hurdles that prevented me for so long and shortcut your path to success

What Are My Simple/Systematic Strategies?

I trade my Divergent Systems for intra-day and swing trading which includes mechanical versions, price action versions, and hybrid approaches of both.

Unlike many other courses and mentors, I actually give you strategies with clear and defined rules to trade the markets not just concepts you have to figure out along the way.

I show how I trade them but also how you can adapt them to yourself.

Which I think its an important part of a strategy it has to fit your personality and in the course, I show you exactly how to do it.

The beauty of my systems is the simplicity and ease with which to trade.

Rules that are broken down into simple systematic steps that even a baby could follow.

These methods took years to get to what they are now, and you will now be able to gain exclusive access to the ultimate edge in the markets. I leave nothing out, you gain everything I know and how I implement it.

My strategies can be traded on all markets and timeframes. I mainly like to trade the forex markets. (My strategies also work extremely well on crypto which is a question I get asked regularly)

These strategies are years of hard work and took a long time to simplify and cut out all the BS so I will be helping you cut out so much wasted time that I spent learning.

A Complete System Of Everything You Need To Know Is In This Course!

If you are serious then this course will seriously shorten your learning curve and get you where you want to be faster!!

What are the benefits of my systems?

  • High Probability
  • High Win Rate 
  • Simple & Systematic
  • All Markets
  • Any Timeframe

Best of all there is simply no guessing, all the rules are black and white. Either the setups are there or it's not!

Easy to find and easily executed...

My aim in the course is for you not to only learn my strategies but also learn to be able to develop your own and become a fully confident trader. I show you the techniques and ways of thinking that you can also eventually adapt to your trading in the future.

First and foremost!

YOU will become a confident self-reliant trader, who doesn't need to rely on anyone else to trade!

Yes, you have my profitable strategy, to begin with, and to use but I teach you how to become a specialist and make it your very own to suit your personality!

Instead of hopping from strategy to strategy I show you how to use one methodology and continuously adapt and improve it to fit yourself and the ever-changing market conditions.

We work together through my step-by-step success blueprint to get you there in 1/2 the time!

Trader Development Program

I am so dedicated to you becoming a consistent trader that I have developed my trading development program to help you transform yourself from an average failing trader to a consistently profitable trader.

What you get:

  • Everything in the Online Program plus...
  • Coaching for high-performance results
  • 100% customized program
  • Based upon where you are and where you want to go
  • Guaranteed results

We work together and go through my success blueprint which includes testing, reviewing mindset, and more.

You will have me guiding you through the whole process!

The 1 on 1 program is completely customized to fit your needs and trading style. 

Get your mindset right and you'll gravitate towards peak performance and excelling. 


I do prefer to work in small groups to be able to give my full attention to my students. So I may close enrolment for the Trader Development Program for periods of time as I prefer to work with 3 students a month.

So if you want to be added to the list please email me first at and we can discuss and make sure we are a good fit.

I believe I have created a way of trading like no other. All you need to do is simply follow the proven rules outlined in the strategy guides, and the money will take care of itself.

Predefined Rules, No Guessing!

You don't think, YOU REACT! 

Why Learn From Me?

Well, I am fully funded prop trader and also trade for private investors.

I have a PROVEN track record. I also post all my trades live on my VIP discord to my students.

So I KNOW what I’m doing and rest assured you are in safe hands!

If you want more confirmation then just look at what other students are saying!

What Other RBPA Students Are Saying...

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Take Action Today!!

And that's not all...

If you don't see value in the program and do not gain positive results by following our policy rules then we will refund you - no questions asked!!

If you put forth the effort to learn and apply the amazing material inside of this course, we are so confident that we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

TDT is one of the only online Forex Training Courses that offer a 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE.

But, this guarantee is not for people who want to "try out" the training course. We have a very strict refund policy that you must follow in order to apply for a refund. Just so there is no confusion, this refund policy only covers your purchase price if you in fact complete the course material and follow the instructions exactly. And, you must have hard proof of doing this. Here is a screenshot of our full refund policy so that there is absolutely ZERO confusion.


So, if you are someone who is dabbling in Forex and are not ready to follow the instructions in the course correctly or are not driven enough to do whatever it takes to become a consistently profitable trader, then I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do and I hope the best for you, but I want to save my time for the extremely dedicated trader who is ready to do whatever it takes. If that is you, then I cannot wait to work with you and I will see you inside of The Rule-Based Price Action Course!

When would be a good time to start?

I remember when I started I had no idea of what to do and spent far too long losing money and time.

If I would have had a mentor to show and explain all the things I was missing, my learning would have been halved by tenfold.


 So that's why I have made my strategies available, I want to help YOU get to that next level.

I want to help as many traders as I can to enjoy the fulfilled life that they deserve!

​As I see it you have three options...


​Option 1: 

You could keep losing, constantly searching and scouring the internet trying to find the 'Holy Grail' of strategies


Option 2: 

Do Absolutely Nothing... Accept that your current circumstances are as good as it gets and suck it up.

Option 3: 

You invest in yourself and give my strategies/course a try. Potentially saving yourself years of frustrating time and effort, and become a successful trader!

If that sound's good to you?


Then let's get started!

Click the "I Want This!" button to get started right now!

By enrolling, you agree to the terms and conditions stated below:

​The information provided by TheDivergentTrader is meant for educational purposes, and in no instance to be regarded as investment advice.

TheDivergentTrader is not liable for any losses incurred from your investment activities.

Futures and Forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing one's financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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Rule-Based Price Action Course

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