E-Book: The Blueprint To Trading Psychology

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Unlock Your Trading Potential with Proven Psychological Strategies!

Are your own thoughts and emotions holding you back from trading success?

Then look no further! In this book, we dive deep into the world of trading psychology with real practical methods that you can apply right away.

Transform Your Trading Today!

In "The Blueprint to Trading Psychology," you're not just getting a book - you're gaining access to a concrete framework that empowers you to conquer the psychological barriers that have been holding you back.

This isn't about vague theories;

It's about practical, actionable methods that are designed to transform the way you approach trading.

You will be armed with the knowledge of why you make certain decisions and the tools to break through any mental roadblocks.

This blueprint doesn't just address the issues, it provides exercises and mental models that will 10x your trading.

Start to gain the confidence needed and the resilience to thrive instead of constantly being in survival mode.

And the best part?

Real-life case studies bring it all to life, showing you exactly how these methods lead to tangible results.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your trading journey -

Grab your copy now and step confidently into a future of trading success!

What You'll Learn:

Eliminate Fear and Stress: Gain a comprehensive framework to overcome psychological barriers and enhance your trading mindset.

Master Your Thought Patterns: Uncover the reasons behind your trading decisions and learn to break down issues effectively.

Create Unshakeable Confidence: Acquire mental models and exercises to bolster your confidence and navigate the markets with clarity.

See Real-Life Examples: Gain insights into real trader struggles and witness how they're resolved using my proven techniques.

What Some Of The Chapters Cover...

  • Belief Systems
  • Gaining Awareness
  • Probabilistic Thinking
  • Confidence In Trading
  • Think Like A Business
  • Common Trading Biases
  • Habits and Triggers Loop
  • Numerous Practical Exercises
  • Benefits of Mechanical Trading
  • Reprogram Your Subconscious
  • How To Reinstall Your Self-Image
  • Optimizing Routine & Environment
  • Methods To Fix Any Trading Problem
  • Breakdowns Of Real Trader Problems

This is the years of work all compacted into one book.

I wanted to create something that no other trading book does out there and that was to provide...

''An actual blueprint to reference for ANY trading problem.''

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EXCLUSIVE BONUS #1 The Emotional Trade Tracker

Supercharge Your Progress!

Gain exclusive access to the #1 tool to help increase awareness and to solve ANY emotional triggers!

This journal is your tool for identifying emotional triggers and impulsive actions affecting your trading and an installed review process to improve them.

With pre-installed metrics and easy to use customization, it's a seamless process that takes less than 2 minutes.

With the tools & methods in The Blueprint To Trading Psychology Book you will find that they will work in harmony together!

How To Use It?

You should fill this in as soon as you can preferably straight after entering the reason is that it will force you to stop obsessing over the trade and instead redirect your focus on your emotions.

You will then be able to begin to spot patterns that are negatively or even positively affecting your trading.

The Journal Is Split Into Two Parts:

Live Trading
The live trading section is where you record all the details this has been made to be as quick and easy as possible.

Post Trading
The post section is where you will review at the end of the trading session and dissect what happened and set goals and corrective actions to improve.

With this journal, you will finally have a system and process in place to improve emotional awareness and create a continuous improvement cycle!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS #2 The 4-Step Mental Model

Steal my POWERFUL and proven 4-Step Mental Model that will help you escape from those negative thought loops and instead learn to think with composure and confidence

(Clients I work with pay £1000's for this and your getting this for free)

This Is The Solution To Your Self-Sabotaging Thoughts

99% of traders' psychological problems are shaped by distorted or unhelpful ways of thinking.

The keyword here is ‘Thinking’

How you think shapes how you feel then that affects how you act.

Think > Feel > Act

The primary focus should be on the pivotal first step: "Think."

By transforming the way you think you change how you feel and then your actions align with it creating a positive domino effect.

Most traders don’t have a healthy way of dealing with and managing their automatic, self-defeating, and negative thoughts which keep them stuck in the vicious cycle like 99% of traders.

But now that you are equipped with POWERFUL and SUPER SIMPLE 4-step process

You will NOW become your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy.

Hear What Others Have To Say!

“No-Bullshit & No-Risk”

100% Money-Back Guarantee

My guarantee is bold and real.

In fact, it’s a double guarantee.

Here’s what I mean:  

One, this method works. If you take action, you’ll see results.

And there’s plenty of proof of that. 

Two, in the ultra-rare case… 

You implement my method for two months and don’t get any results…

Email me at alan@thedivergenttrader.com and I'll give you a full refund.

This is how confident I am that this book and the exclusive bonuses will help 10x your trading.

Click the I WANT THIS button to get started today.

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E-Book: The Blueprint To Trading Psychology

74 ratings
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